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Cassie A. Gerst
Henry County Mentoring Coordinator


Every Wednesday during the school year Club M mentors and mentees can meet at the Mt. Pleasant Middle School from 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. for games, crafts, and fun.

All mentoring matches are invited to join us each Wed. after school. As the Mt. Pleasant Middle School is the bus hub for the district, all the mentees and high school mentors can ride the school bus to the Middle School.

Right now, there's a young person who needs you.

Kids face a lot of challenges in their lives. Young people from all walks of life benefit from the encouragement, impartial advice, and fun times shared with caring adults. If you are interested in having your child matched with a mentor, or would like more information, please contact us.

How does it work?

  • Students are selected for the program based on teacher and counselor recommendations, and with parent permission.
  • Volunteer mentors are recruited from the community, screened and trained, then matched with students.
  • Each mentor/student pair meets once a week for at least an hour.
  • Mentor meetings are held for training and for mentors to discuss concerns and share ideas.
  • Program coordinators are available to mentors throughout the program for consultation and support.

Be the Change!

Anyone can be a mentor. It doesn't take any special skills to make just an hour a week last a lifetime. Your support might help a kid fend off peer pressure, teach an ambitious teen a skill that leads to their career, or offer a young child a much-needed opportunity to just talk.

A Mentor IS:

  • ...a friend.
  • ...a role model.
  • ...a nurturer of possibilities.
  • ...a coach.
  • ...a companion.
  • ...a supporter.
  • advocate.
  • ...a motivator.

Read more about the Mentoring Program.

Club M is a youth mentoring program out of Henry County, Iowa. We are a program that collaborates with ISU Extension and Healthy Henry County Communities.

We are accepting applications to the mentoring program for mentors and mentees.

To sign up as a mentor, fill out this Mentor Application Form.

To become a participant/mentee in the program, fill out this Youth Application & Parent Consent Form.

To learn more about this program and what you can do to support it, please fill out this Request Form.

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