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Health Information

The World Health Organization defines health as "the state of complete mental, physical and social well being." Good health is more than just the absence of illness.

The quality of your health can fall anywhere along the spectrum. No matter what your state of health today, there are things you can do to improve it. Even small steps forward can make a big impact on your overall health.

The lifestyle choices that you make today can change the rest of your life!

  • Physical Activity:
    30 minutes of physcial activity every day can reduce your chance of stroke, heart attack and diabetes, while helping you tone muscles and burn body fat.
  • Nutrition:
    A balanced healthy diet plays a key role in reducing illness, managing weight and giving you energy.
  • Social & Emotional Well-Being:
    Reducing stress, finding balance and enjoying life can produce great benefits physically as well as emotionally.
  • Know Your Health Status:
    Screenings and health tests are important tools to understanding your health status and risks.
  • Body Mass Index:
    Body Mass Index is an indicator of how much fat you are carrying and a measurement used in assessing if you may be overweight.

The one standard for a successful wellness journey is having a positive mindset. The power to believe that you can make a change in your life has exceptionally powerful results.


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